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4 Keys to a Successful Buzz

Inspire Customers to Act

Create a simple and compelling message. 

Headline:  Santa's Here!

Message:  Come tell him what you want for Christmas, and get a picture with him.  See you soon.

Inspire Customers

Simple Photography and Language

Photo:  Take simple, focused images in good lighting.

Headline:  Be eye-catching and brief.

Message:  Add more details and have fun.

Headline:  Toilet Paper Back in Stock!!!

Message:  2 Packs per person.  Get it while you can.

Flexibility is Power

Vary the length of time for each Buzz.

Spur of the moment Marketing is good!

Plan out a long-term messaging strategy too.

Headline:  Free French Fries with Double Burger

Message:  One Day Only!  The perfect pair.

Simple Marketing App

#1 Headline:  Order your flowers for Mother's Day

Message:  Don't forget - Mom's Day is only 4 weeks away.  Get her a beautify bouquet now.

#2 Headline:  Free Delivery on orders over $50.

Message:  Only 1 week until Mother's Day.  Tell Mom how much you love her!  Order now.

#3 Headline:  Flowers - Last day to order for Mom's Day

Message:  Order now!  Don't forget to tell her how much she means to you.

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