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Social Media Tips

Promote your business and tell your story.

Who's Your Audience?

  • Talk to your customers, find out what they want to know, and which social media they use.

  • Research online and learn which platform your consumer demographic prefers.  

  • Catch up on current thinking with our Blog here:

What's Your Goal?

  • Have a plan for each media with specific, measurable and attainable goals.

  • Review your progress against the goals, and adjust them as needed.

  • Be creative, test new things to achieve your goals!

Create Your Voice

  • Develop content that plays to the strength of each social media platform.

  • Vary the Length and tone of your message to fit the personality of each media type.

Choose Your Channel

  • Start with the Big 3

Facebook:  Conversational, story telling with photos

Twitter:  Short, news-like blurbs

Instagram:  Photos with short explanations

  • Master the one that fits your customer best, then move on to others.

  • Smaller platforms can expand your reach to more targeted groups.  They can be small but mighty - Pinterest, NextDoor, YouTube, LinkedIn.

To Pay or Not to Pay

  • Targeted advertising on social media can deliver results with small expense.

  • Test some with a coupon or deal that helps you measure the results.

Evaluate, Improve, Repeat

  • Social Media is a conversation.  Make sure you respond and speak to your followers. 

  • Follow other local business accounts and business associations to stay current and learn about what's going on in your area.

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