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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Buzz?

Your Marketing message, written in 2 parts.

  • Headline:  inspires action, in a few words

  • Message:  provide more details

How much does it cost?

Inspire Customers

Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.

How do Customers use BabbleBuy?

Provides a centralized place to find out about local Biz and Buzz.

  • Keep up with their favorite businesses and learn about new ones nearby.

  • Learn about local events, sales and activities.

  • Communicate directly with Biz via messaging and phone.

How do I take a good picture?

A Good picture is worth a thousand words.  See our tips here:

  • Light:  Good light is essential, and direct overhead lighting preferred.  Go outside for direct sunlight, if needed.  Shadows should be used intentionally for effect.  

  • Focus:  Find the balance between showing detail, and the entire thing.  

  • Background – Keep your background simple and uncluttered.   For single items, try shooting on a white background.

Tesll a Story

How do I publish a Buzz?

With a couple of clicks, you can send to social media and email instantly.

  • Connect social media and email to your BabbleBuy account.

  • Create your Buzz, and send to your pre-selected accounts with 1 click.

  • Select other media to send your Buzz manually.

How much work does it take to create a Buzz?

Buy Local

After a few quick steps, you are up and running.

  • Set up your store.

  • Take a great picture and upload it.

  • Follow the step by step process to create a Buzz.

  • Send it to your followers on social media or email.

What happens if I create a Buzz and don't publish it anywhere?

Upon saving, the Buzz is active immediately on the Consumer app.

  • Being live on consumer app can drive sales and traffic, whether you publish your Buzz or not.

  • Post your Buzz at any point after you save it.  

  • Publishing to your customers insures the Buzz reaches your target audience. 

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